1. Introduction

This notification of the risks that may occur while conducting investment activities aims to warn the Clients about the risks that may arise when using the Website. All terms in this notification are the same as defined in the Terms and Conditions. All Clients and potential Clients are required to read the following notification of the risks stated in this document before opening an account and before opening trades. However, the Company considers it necessary to note that this document does not contain or disclose all the risks associated with trading. This warning is informative and is aimed to explain forthright terms and the nature of the risks associated with trading.

2. Risks

Trading is a highly speculative and a very risky activity and is only suitable for the investors who:

The Company did not provide the Client any recommendations or tips regarding trading and does not provide investment pieces of advice of any kind. The Clients shall decide on trading strategies, and specific actions, based either on their own understanding of the market or on the consultations received from independent and not affiliated with the Company financial advisors.

Some of these risks are:

Volatility—price movement of an underlying asset/market could be unstable and unpredictable. This fact has an immediate impact on the financial results of the Client. Understanding market volatility allows the Client to analyze potential profits and to develop a suitable trading strategy.

Market fluctuations - sudden price changes of an underlying asset from one level to another. Various factors can lead to sharp changes (for instance, economic events or market announcements). The occurrence of such factors is possible either in the open market or sheltered one. When these factors occur on a sheltered market, the price of the underlying asset at the opening of the market after the revealing of such factor may significantly differ from the price of the underlying asset when the market is closing. In such case, there could be the possibility when you can’t close your opened position at the best price. Such situation can lead to big losses as well as to significant profits.

Liquidity: the value of any asset may depend on several factors, among others, changes in supply and demand, governmental, agricultural, commercial and commercial programs and strategies, national and international political and economic events about Mente's dominant psychological attitude in the corresponding market. Market conditions can be altered considerably in a very short time interval, and therefore, under certain market conditions, it may be impossible for the Client to obtain the projected profit.

3. Expenses and taxes

The Company does not guarantee that operations of the Client regarding buying and selling are not the subject to taxation or will not become it in the future. The Client is solely responsible for payment of any taxes and/or any other commissions that may be charged in respect of his/her transactions.

The Client is aware that the prices in respect of trading assets are set for a specific site and may vary from the prices published elsewhere. The trading prices of the Company are the prices at which the Company provides an opportunity to buy or sell assets on a particular site at a definite time period. Per se, they may not correspond to the prices in a real time on the market at the moment when the Client buys or sells assets.

4. Third party risks

The company shall bear no responsibility for any action or inaction of any third party through which will be transferred the money either aimed by the Client for replenishment of the current account on the Website or during withdrawal from the Website.

5. Technical risks

The company shall not be liable for financial losses caused by a failure, malfunction, interruption, disabling, or malicious acts of third parties in respect of communication networks, power lines, electronic or other systems.

Electronic communications that are used by a client to access the trading platform are subjected to risks associated with the networks, including a failure of hardware, software, servers, communication lines and failure of the Internet. The result of any such failure may be that any order may be executed not according to the instructions. The Company shall bear no responsibility in the event of such failure.

The Company shall bear no responsibility for unauthorized third-party access to information, including e-mails, electronic communications and personal data, access to data, which occur during data transferring between the Company or any other party, using the Internet or other communication networks, phone or any other electronic means. The Client admits that the information openly sent by e-mail is not protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

The Client realizes that the Internet may be the subject to events that may affect his/her access to the Company's Website, including but not limited to interruptions or disconnection, software and hardware failures, Internet disconnection, power failure or hacker attacks. The Company is not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from such type of events, which are beyond its control or for any other damages, expenses, liabilities (including, but not limited to, loss of profits), which may arise as a result of the Client's inability to gain access to the Company's Website, or delay or failure in sending orders.

The Client is warned that while trading on the electronic platform he assumes the risk of financial losses that may result from, among other things:

6. Advisory service and recommendations

The Company will not give the Client any recommendations regarding transaction profitability or provide investment advisory service in any form, apart from providing the information about the current state of the financial market. The Client acknowledges that all the services do not include consultations for any trading investments. The Client will make transactions at his own risk and make appropriate decisions based on his own judgment. By sending instructions to the Company to perform a transaction, the Client admits that it is solely responsible for his own independent assessment and analysis of the risks of the particular transaction. The Client acknowledges that he has sufficient knowledge of the market, has received, if necessary, professional consultations and has the appropriate experience to make his own assessment of merits and risks of any transaction.

The Company will not provide the Client with any legal, fiscal or other pieces of advice in relation to any transaction. The Client should seek for independent recommendations in case he has any doubts as to whether he can take upon any tax obligations.

The Company may, from time to time and at its own discretion, provide the Client with information, recommendations, news, comments or other market information for its reference. In case this happens:

Information posted by the Company may be altered or deleted without prior notice to the Client at any time.

7. No profit guarantee

The Company does not guarantee any profit or any loss while trading. The Client will not receive any of such guarantees in the future from the Company or any of its representatives. The Client is aware of integral risks of trading and can financially bear such risks and withstand any losses occurred.